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What is Inkwell

Inkwell is a content and data management system. It was designed to pay tribute to and foster the creativity and uniqueness of freelance web designers and developers. Every aspect of content and data management was rethought to bring a new, more customizable, scalable, and maintainable face to the web. We at Inkwell are dedicated to building the best product for today's web. Join us as we start the evolution.


How Inkwell Works

Inkwell uses a simple and intuitive hierarchy system to allow you to manage your data and websites with ease. By distilling the traditional methods down to three main components (data, content pieces, and developer tools), we are able to cater to virtually any website, no matter the size and complexity.

Build Data Tables

Data Tables are the most fundamental piece to Inkwell. Easily create new tables with fields that you define. Then, use these fields to build templates for the Content Pieces that will later be used to make up the pages of your site.

Create Content Pieces

A Content Piece is a representation of data in a form that allows you and your clients to more intuitively manage your website. Content Pieces are fully customizable and can represent things such as articles, blog posts, or product pages.

Access & Display Data

Inkwell provides tools that make it easier than ever to get the data stored within it and display it on your sites. Build and save queries that access that data you want, copy the outputted code, and paste it directly into your site's source code.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo da Vinci


Install with ease

Installing Inkwell takes little time and effort. Whether you're building a site from scratch, or modifying an existing one, Inkwell's easy installation process gives you the peace of mind and speed you need when building your next project.

No templates, no problem

Uniqueness is at the heart of Inkwell. That is why we designed Inkwell to work with any website, particularly those designed without any templating systems. No need for complex, difficult to customize platforms like Wordpress.


Create pages and subpages for your site with ease. These pages serve as the highest form of organization to your site, and are made up of Content Pieces. Enjoy tools that allow you to reorder content, add page information, and include SEO relevant data.

Smart Labels

Labels are a powerful tool that allow for a huge range of customizability for virtually any use. Inkwell features smart labels. This means, you can not only use them to categorize content, but add time expirations and assignment limits.

Media Done Right

Inkwell's uniquely designed Media Library allows you to upload and manage photos, videos, and audio files with ease. Create galleries for your site by grouping your photos, and enjoy tools that allow you to add titles, captions, and thumbnails.

User management

Inkwell's user management module is robust and intuitive. Create permission levels that give users access to as many or as few modules and sub-modules as you would like. View activity logs to see what users are doing, as they are doing it.

currently in private beta!

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